Board & Batton House - Regina

It took a while to cut the clay for the strips of wood to make it look like board and batton siding. Everything is fired clay down to the chickens in the yard and the flowers on the porch. There is a cabin at Okefenoke State Park that inspired me to do this one. I also put the house off the ground so you can see under it. It is supposed to be sitting on old logs. It is amazing how this old pine or cypress wood just lasts and lasts. If you go to (read more) you will see more shots of this piece. You can see the curtains blowing out the window. I also made the roof look like old wood shingles. I also have a watershelf on the porch with a pail and wash bowl on it. $165.00 SOLD Can do another in this style house, all are one of a kind.

This reminds me of the old mountain cabins. I put shutters on the window and you can see the curtains flying out the windows. I also built in one side of the back porch. You can see under the house and there are also chickens in the yard. I also put a woodstove inside and a bed and table. I’ll have to get a inside shot of that.

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