Hip Roof - Farm House 1

This house is sold but can do one in this style. It sells for $165.00. I can also do repoductions of your houses. I can put pets and people on the houses too. I put screen in the doors on this one so you can see thru the house. I haven’t figured out how to make a screen door out of clay so I make the door and then after fireing the piece I put real screen on the door. There are so many of this style with the hip roof around South Georgia that I just had to figure out how to make that roof. There is a house like this just down the road from me near Willacoochee Georgia and I used it as a model for this one. I have other views of it when you click on read more on this entry.

Hip Roof - Farm House 2

Hip Roof - Farm House 3

Hip Roof - Farm House 4

This is the kind of farm house you see all over the south. I wanted to try and do this style roof. It was a challenge but I think I got it.

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