Granny\'s House

This reminds me of a house a little old Granny would live in. I put her little dog on the back porch and if you look down the dogtrot from the front door you can see the little dog in the back thru the house. I also make my houses up off the ground where you can see under them. If you are old enough you can remember playing under one. I remember the good old days in Jacksonville Georgia where we played under our Grandparents house. They lived in an area called China Hill, so you know it was way out in the woods. There are chickens in the yard and a well. I made the roof to look like rusted old tin. I also put a water shelf on the back porch with a bucket and a wash bowl. This house has two chimneys on each side of the house. I have not sold this house yet. “”There are other views of this piece. To see them click on (read more) SOLD I can make another in this style for $150.00

Two Chimney House 4 Resize

Two Chemny House

Granny\'s House Back View

Granny\'s House Closeup

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