The Healing Tree

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The Healing Tree

I wanted to make a tree and I think this one turned out very well. It is about 12 inches high and the base is 6 inches wide. I decided it needed something under it and it came to me about the tree in Revelation that says its leaves are for the healing of the nations, so I put children from different countries under it. It took a lot of supports to keep it from cracking and a slow drying time. I have entered it in the Georgia National Fair’s Art Competition.

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Cunningham Hunting Compound

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Cunningham Hunting Compound - Clay Replica 1

These are clay sculptures of a hunting compound I was commissioned to do. They were built by Steve and Will Cunningham north of Fitzgerald, Georgia. Notice the fridge and camo chairs on the front porch of the cabin. They also built a cookhouse with screen around it. The outhouse was built with the typical half-moon on the door and a real toilet seat inside.


Woodrum Farm-Irwin Co.Ga.

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Woodrum Farm-Irwin Co.Ga. 1

This is a replica of the Woodrum Farmhouse in Irwin County Georgia. The family sold the old homeplace and wanted this 3-D sculpture done to remember it by.


Little General Store

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Little General Store 1

This is a old general store. These sold everything from Moon Pies and RC Colas to gas and overalls. I put vintage signs on the sides of the outside walls. I have some old tires and boxes laying around outside. I have two farmers sitting around on the porch talking about the weather. Also there one of my old lazy dogs laying on the ground. This one measures 12″”x10″”x10″”ht. It is made of fired clay with real screen inserted in the door. I also put in a window. This one sells for $150.00


Old Country Church 2

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Old Country Church 2 - 1

This is similar to lots of little country churches in the south. I also have the pews inside. I put a tree on one side. It stands off the ground on bricks so you can see under it. It measures 12″”x10″”x11″”ht. It is all made of fired clay. $150.00


The General Store

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The General Store 1

This old store is typical of many you used to see in the good old days. Everyone meets there to get supplies and talk about the weather, or to just play a game of checkers. I tried to find vintage ads to put on the signs. I have Gulf,Moon Pie,RC,Texaco,Prince Albert,just to name a few. Everything is handmade from clay. The base is around 10×11 inches and it is 10 inches in height. This style cost $225.00


Little Cabin

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Little Cabin 1

This is a little farm cabin. It has a china berry tree on one side and a wisteria vine on the other. You can see a little dog on the porch asleep. I made it where you can see thru the house down the dog trot. It has chickens in the yard and a well. It is handmade of ceramic clay. $125.00


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