Wiregrass Artists Guild 2008 Featured Artist

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Wiregrass Artists Guild 2008 Featured Artist

Congratulations to Kemberley Lee Ann Giddens, of Jacksonville, Georgia, on being selected and honored as The 2008 Featured Artist by The Wiregrass Artists Guild Members. Kemberley’s Clay is “one-of-a-kind treasures” that she hand crafts. Some of her art work & jewelry take many many hours to complete, but it’s the thought and soul that she adds to the pieces that truly come through as you try to see all of the minute parts of the design. The details of the actual clay and the details that she then adds with paint and glazes merge together into a truly unique art form.



Vassy Homeplace Replica

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vassy homeplace

This is a replica of the Vassy homeplace in Gaffney,South Carolina. Dave and Becky Vassy bought the home and restored it. Dave’s great-grandfather bought the home in 1898. After the restoration they wanted a replica of it as it was originally. Here also are pictures that I used to reproduce it. I use all kinds of old photographs that the customer can find. Also the Vassy’s drew out the floor plan and put numbers on the photo’s that corresponded with detailed instructions on how to do that part of the house. Also click on more and you can see the different sides of the sculpture. I also have pictures of it while it was still wet clay and I was building it.

vassy homeplace reference photos


Honey Hunter

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Honey Hunter Drawing

Charcoal Drawing

11×14 inch reproductions are available for $40 at Chohen’s Art and Framing, Waycross Georgia and the Artist’s Studio.

Email Contact: cgerbing at accessatc dot net

After The Storm

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after the storm watercolor painting

Watercolor Painting

The original has been sold but 11×14 inch reproductions are available.

Email Contact: mjzalord at mac dot com

Miss Del

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Miss Del - Graphite Drawing

Graphite Drawing – NFS

Email Contact: cgerbing at accessatc dot net

Jenas’ Secret

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Jenas\' Secret - original acrylic painting

Original Acrylic Painting


Email Contact: cgerbing at accessatc dot net

Geese on Gerbing Lake

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Geese on Gerbing Lake


Available on paper or canvas 6.5″”x14″” $40, 8″”x19″” $75 at Artist’s Studio, Okefenokee Heritage Center in Waycross, Georgia and City Market in Valdosta, Georgia

Email Contact: cgerbing at accessatc dot net

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